Cửu Vân Long – Buffet Dimsum & Hải sản tươi sống bậc nhất Hà Thành

Dubbed the “paradise” of fresh seafood, restaurant Cuu Van Long is famous and conquers diners by its fresh seafood buffet menu with more than 200 extremely diverse and rich dishes.

In the midst of a “forest” of seafood restaurants in Hanoi, Cuu Van Long buffet restaurant is still one of the destinations that attracts diners with a luxurious and cozy space and a more diverse buffet menu. 200 attractive dishes from fresh seafood, Dimsum, Japanese dishes, rice, noodles, fried food, salad, hot pot, grilled, dessert.

Cuu Van Long seafood buffet restaurant – the ideal choice for seafood lovers (photo: Internet)

Stepping into Cuu Van Long, diners cannot help but be impressed by the warm but equally luxurious space of the restaurant. With the main deep red color tone, the sophisticated peony motifs or the typical decorative lanterns… all together create a contemplative picture, in a space imbued with cultural influences from Thom Port. magnificent.

Cuu Van Long restaurant is designed with bold Chinese style (photo: Internet)

With a spacious seating area, soft leather chairs and a capacity of more than 500 guests, Cuu Van Long will be an ideal place for family reunions, friends to meet and even large parties. .

Tables and chairs are arranged very delicately (photo: Internet)

Not only that, but Cuu Van Long also pays special attention to families with young children when it sets aside a play area for children to enjoy playing so that parents can enjoy their meals with peace of mind!

The restaurant has a play area for children (photo: Internet)

After a game that consumes a lot of energy and is “thirsty”, the little angels are able to choose and enjoy delicious and cool ice cream.

Ice cream stalls always have a strong attraction to babies. (photo: Internet)

When coming to Cuu Van Long seafood buffet restaurant, you will feel like you are lost in a culinary paradise with a menu of more than 200 attractive dishes from fresh seafood, Dimsum, hot pot buffet, grilled buffet to Japanese dishes and countless other delicious dishes. If you are curious about the menu of Cuu Van Long seafood buffet restaurant, let’s discover together with Thedrunkenpot.

The seafood buffet menu at the restaurant is extremely diverse (photo: Internet)

Cuu Van Long serves a variety of seafood from three regions of the country, all imported on the same day and carefully selected, ensuring top quality fresh for diners. The unique restaurant menu with Ca Mau crab, Quang Ninh crab, Nam Dinh surface, giant freshwater shrimp and steamed snail helps diners fully enjoy the natural sweetness of seafood.

It will be great if you visit the restaurant on cold evenings or in drizzly days in Hanoi because in this weather, enjoying steamed eggplant crab is an unforgettable experience. Just spend an extra 100,000VND, you will be able to eat free crabs in five coffee houses, and choose your own live crabs at the counter for the staff to prepare and bring steamed or dipped at the table.

Fresh seafood area at the restaurant (photo: Internet) Attractive seafood menu at Cuu Van Long. (Photo: Internet)

In addition, the restaurant menu has a variety of seafood, snails, scallops, oysters .. waiting for you to explore.

The food is fresh and eye-catching at the restaurant. (photo: internet) A hearty and warm meal at Cuu Van Long. (Photo: internet)

Cantonese-style dimsum buffet is a distinct highlight in the restaurant’s menu that no other seafood buffet restaurant has. As a restaurant with Chinese style, Dimsum is one of the outstanding dishes in Cuu Van Long.

Dimsum menu is extremely attractive at Cuu Van Long restaurant (photo: Internet)

Visiting Cuu Van Long, diners will experience the right dimsum flavor from golden kimsa dumplings – greasy flowing filling, mouth-watering char siu dumplings, rich sweet corn shrimp dumplings, or stuffed crab egg shumai. Full of meat… All are hand-made by the restaurant from kneading dough, molding cakes, steaming … and always placed in small bamboo baskets to keep dimsum hot when diners enjoy.

Sushi – Japanese sashimi is always ready to serve diners. Dishes will be processed directly when requested by diners, helping to keep the full flavor fresh. Diners will be able to choose from oyster milk salad, salmon sashimi, yellow radish sushi, tuna gunkan, salmon nigiri, sesame-fried maki… to enjoy with wasabi, pink ginger and soy sauce in accordance with the Japanese style.

The Japanese menu at the restaurant is extremely diverse (photo: Internet)

The salad menu is also elaborately prepared by Cuu Van Long with more than 20 rich dishes for diners to start with as well as serve with other seafood dishes. Favorite salads at the restaurant include beef noodle soup, Russian salad, fruit salad, green mango jellyfish salad, kimchi… The restaurant also prepares its own salad dressing for diners to freely mix according to their own taste. me.

At Cuu Van Long, there are countless salads for you to choose from (photo: Internet)

Don’t worry if your kids don’t like seafood, Cuu Van Long has prepared a grilled menu – Korean standard hot pot is both delicious and easy to please young diners. With grilled dishes, diners can choose from three American beef, crispy shoulder, tuna, octopus, squid… marinated with different sauces such as Korean spicy sauce, fruit sauce, black pepper sauce. … The restaurant also prepares spicy and sour Thai hot pot for diners to dip into the hot pot with American beef shoulder, frog thigh, clam, beef hot pot ball, ostrich heart… and many other dipping dishes.

Super attractive hot pot buffet at Cuu Van Long (photo: Internet)

Although they are just side dishes, the fried food and rice and noodle stalls are always full of delicious dishes that diners, especially children, love to choose. Hot crispy seafood spring rolls, fragrant fried mushrooms with garlic, fried chicken wings with rich fish sauce with french fries, shrimp puffs, dumplings, chrysanthemum sausages… it’s hard to miss these delicious dishes! The menu of rice, noodles with seafood fried rice, spaghetti with minced beef sauce, and seafood soup porridge changes daily to help diners feel fuller.

The menu of rice dishes, fried foods and noodles is diverse (photo: Internet)

Finally, the line dessert counter will make the seafood party experience at Cuu Van Long more complete. Diners can choose from a variety of teas, cakes, yoghurts, caramels or seasonal fruits. More than 10 different sweet and cool tea dishes such as red apple longan tea, dew sa pomegranate seed tea, Khuc Bach tea, é seed fruit tea… along with camomile yogurt and handmade caramel are always loved by diners. Unique three-tier cakes or delicious French butter cookies… are also delicious foods that diners cannot miss.

Super attractive dessert menu at Cuu Van Long (photo: Internet)

Not only offering a diverse and quality menu, Cuu Van Long always strives every day to bring the most perfect service experience to diners. Each employee of Cuu Van Long is always dedicated to diners like family members. Every little detail is taken care of, such as smiling to greet guests at the door, proactively adjusting the kitchen, quickly clearing excess dishes on the table or helping to take family photos for guests…

Diner satisfaction is always the top priority of Cuu Van Long.

Cuu Van Long Restaurant owns an experienced and professional staff (photo: Thedrunkenpot)

OFFER Seafood Buffet + Lobster – Only #396K:

  • Including full Seafood Buffet Menu (except crab) + 01 serving of half a lobster with cheese. (additional 100k to eat unlimited crab buffet).
  • Lobster Call for more (outside the 396K rate) is priced at 70k/half a serving.
  • Apply at noon Monday – Friday from 03/03/2021
  • Applicable to customers who have received voucher codes and booked tables before 11am.
  • The Seafood Buffet program is not applicable on public holidays (March 8, April 30, May 1, …)

Seafood Buffet Price:

  • Lunch from Monday to Friday: 338k
  • Weeknights and all day Saturday – Sunday – Holidays, New Year: 358k
  • Extra order Lobster: 70k/half serving
  • Add 100k to eat unlimited Crab Buffet.
  • Under 1m: Free
  • From 1m to 1m30: 199,000 VND/person
  • From 1m30 and up: Same price as adult buffet

If you are still curious about the Cuu Van Long seafood buffet restaurant that Thedrunkenpot introduced, please immediately refer to the following “super-love” reviews of the restaurant. Believe me, you will be surprised at the service quality of the restaurant.

Customer evaluation of Cuu Van Long seafood buffet restaurant (photo: Thedrunkenpot) A customer review for Cuu Van Long restaurant (photo: internet)

Reviews from customers for Cuu Van Long restaurant (photo: internet)

You can refer to more about Cuu Van Long seafood buffet restaurant through the following video:

You still hesitate to spend but do not plan to go to Cuu Van Long seafood buffet restaurant to refill “vitamin sea” right away. Believe that, this place will be one of the “gut” places for you and your family every time you want to eat out.

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