Toplist 6 món đồ uống ở Circle K ngon khó cưỡng


In addition to a wide variety of dishes, Circle K also impresses with many hot hit drinks. Together Thedrunkenpot set up a squad to bombard list Drinks at Circle USA irresistible delicious here!

1. Froster Circle CZK

  • Reference price: 12,000VND

Froster – Circle K’s exclusive drink is loved by dynamic young people. This drink impresses with its outstanding color and delicious taste. On hot summer days, enjoying a glass of Froster is truly unmatched.


Photo: Froster

This shaved ice dish only has the main flavors of lemon, mango, strawberry and mint. In particular, you can try each flavor separately or mix the flavors together!

2. Circle coffee with milk

  • Reference price: 15,000VND

Milk cafe at Circle K was voted as one of the top delicious drinks in Hanoi. Just go to the drink counter of any Circle K store and you can immediately get a cup of fresh milk and coffee to enjoy for a super “cheap” price of 15K and the glass is very big.

o uong o Circle K

Photo: Fresh milk and coffee

Since it’s milk, it’s also a much more nutritious option when it comes to staying awake, rather than other energy drinks. Drinking coffee with fresh milk, you will feel the strong aroma of coffee, sweet and fatty taste of milk.

3. Iced Milk Coffee

  • Reference price: 10,000VND

Iced milk coffee has become an indispensable drink in Vietnamese coffee culture. And is one of the best drinks in Circle K. A cup of iced milk coffee in the morning will help to relax and wake up to start an effective working day.

sua coffee

Coffee has a gentle aroma, not harsh, so it is not picky about drinkers. Let’s make a team to Circle K to sip a cup of coffee and chat, it’s very reasonable. With a cheap price at Circle K, this is the choice of many people.

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4. Circle Peach Tea

  • Reference price: 12,000VND

Surely no one is familiar with these sweet, fragrant and cool peach tea cups. It has been popular for a long time, but this drink at Circle K is not hot at all. From popular sidewalk shops, to luxurious cafes or at Circle K, all serve this sweet and sour drink.

search knife

Photo: Peach tea

Peach tea is a delicious drink, cool taste, drink a sip of water and eat a piece of sweet and sour peach, crunchy and crunchy, all fatigue will disappear. If you love this sweet, cool drink, please visit some Circle K locations to enjoy. Here, the drinking water is both delicious, hygienic and super cheap.

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5. Circle CZ milk tea

  • Reference price: 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND

Thai Milk Tea is one of the favorite drinks of young people and is also one of the most popular drinks at Circle K. Thai milk tea is a combination of fragrant Thai tea flavor with a little condensed milk. At Circle K, there are 2 types of Thai tea for you to choose from: Thai Red and Thai Green. Each type will have a different flavor so you should try them all!

To make this drink not boring, Circle K also “clicks” to add a layer of floating cream on top! However, floating ice cream is only available in some stores!

check pregnancy

The special flavor, novel pearls, the most original scent of Dalat Milk fresh milk, and the sweet taste are the most impressive things of the brand that attracts a large number of customers to visit Circle K every day.

6. Cappuccino

  • Reference price: 15,000VND

If you are too bored with sitting at Beautiful cafes in Hanoi, You can absolutely go to Circle K and enjoy a cup of Cappuchino – one of the popular names on the drink list at Circle K. Although the price is quite cheap, the quality of the Cappuchino here is very good! Circle K selects ingredients imported by reputable suppliers in the coffee industry. In particular, thanks to the type of coffee roasted and ground on site, the taste is also very special and delicious.


Photo: Cappuccino

Currently, Hanoi has covered with 151 Circle K stores to serve the consumer needs of the people.

List of some Circle K addresses at the center, chosen by many people such as:
    • Circle K 48-116 Nhan Hoa, Nhan Chinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, City. Hanoi
    • Circle K 12 Tran Phu, Ha Dong District, City. Hanoi
    • Circle K 37-TT1 The Manor, My Dinh Me Tri Urban Area, My Dinh Ward, Nam Tu Liem, City. Hanoi
    • Circle K 848 Lang Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, City. Hanoi
    • Circle K 85 Hang Ma, Hang Ma Ward, Hoan Kiem District, City. Hanoi
    • Circle K 40 Hang Bong, Hang Bong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, City. Hanoi
    • Circle K 18 Nguyen Khanh Toan, Quan Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, City. Hanoi
    • Circle K 14 Ho Tung Mau, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
    • Circle K 101B – A8 Ton That Tung, Kim Lien Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

Here is a list of types Drinks at Circle USA Delicious, most loved by young people. Hopefully with the sharing of Thedrunkenpot will help you get more information about the drinks here! Let’s create a team to bombard the list of drinks at Circle K that are hard to resist right away!

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